Protection of the Nintendo Switch was hacked

By: Igor Nikitin | 23.01.2018, 05:24
Protection of the Nintendo Switch was hacked

The protection of Nintendo Switch was broken in less than a year, and the three hackers are already preparing for release the first version of Jailbreak for the console.

What happened

Hackers from PegaSwitch announced that the first version of the custom is almost ready, and the release will take place on February 1. It is noteworthy that the modified firmware will work with any official version. As evidence, hackers presented a photo with a launcher.

Above the hacking of the console is working another team - Team Xecuter. This group is engaged in hacking consoles for 15 years, and their progress can be estimated by video.

Why such a fuss?

Modified firmware gives scope not only to piracy, but also to self-written programs. Soon, you should expect the output of emulators, media programs and even a full-fledged browser for the Nintendo Switch.