RED Hydrogen One smartphone with holographic display will be released this summer

By: Bohdan Chub | 23.01.2018, 13:55
RED Hydrogen One smartphone with holographic display will be released this summer

Last year, the manufacturer of professional video cameras RED Digital Cinema unexpectedly announced the company's smartphone Hydrogen One. The main feature of the gadget will be a holographic display, and the founder of the company, Jim Jennard, has already called the estimated timeframe.

How it works?

Display Hydrogen One is able to switch between the volumetric image of the new 4V format and 2D mode. The supplier of modified LCD panels for RED is Leia. The new development lacks most of the shortcomings of the 3D technology used by HTC and LG smartphones (resolution reduction, 3D effect only in horizontal orientation, color distortion and so on).

According to representatives of RED, when switching to holographic mode, the brightness decreases slightly, but the result is difficult to describe in words. Eyewitnesses look at the screen with a drooping jaw, swear from an excess of feelings or just blur out in a smile. In 4V-format video resolution remains unchanged, but the image itself is divided into depth levels.


The smartphone received a 5.7-inch display with a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels. The performance is answered by the flagship chipset Snapdragon 835. The smartphone will not be much larger than devices with a similar diagonal, but is heavier than 60 grams. On the back side there are contacts for connecting modules such as a professional quality camera (first and second photos in the gallery), an additional battery and so on. The system is similar to Motorola's Moto Mods. To charge a battery with a capacity of as much as 4500 mAh, a symmetrical USB Type-C port is used. There is a familiar 3.5-mm headphone jack and a hybrid slot for a second SIM or microSD card.

To create 4V content directly on Hydrogen One do not need special accessories - both smartphone cameras support this format (apparently, the front module will also be doubled). In memory, you can save 2D versions of movies in parallel.

As for viewing and exchanging holographic content, the Hydrogen Network platform will be launched for these purposes, where each user can create his own channel. RED also hints at major partners in the field of social media.

Price and release date

As already reported, RED Hydrogen One will be produced in two versions: the model in the aluminum case will cost $ 1200, and the titanium variant is estimated at $ 1500. You have to pay for innovation.

The smartphone will be shown to the general public tentatively in April. In summer, it will go on sale, and the company managed to agree on the promotion of the gadget in conjunction with US operators.

Source: Jim Janard