Huawei after LG postponed the release of the new flagship

By: Bohdan Chub | 23.01.2018, 19:41
Huawei after LG postponed the release of the new flagship

Recently in LG said that the company will not rush with the launch of new flagship smartphones, in order not to screw up again and do everything right. If you believe the rumors, Huawei also decided to abandon the presentation of new models at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona.

Why is that?

Insiders associate the delay with Huawei's plans to gain a foothold in the US market. Negotiations with local operators AT & T and Verizon have already failed because of the latest statements of the US government. Now the company will have to rethink its strategy. In addition, you need to bring to mind a new triple camera , which will be used in the flagships of the family Huawei P11 (or P20). The Chinese giant also needs to ensure a sufficient supply of Kirin 970 processors, on the basis of which smartphones will be built.

Another possible reason - Huawei and other manufacturers do not want to hold presentations at one time with Samsung. Anyway, Galaxy S9 will attract attention of the public to MWC 2018, so why bother?

Why prepare?

Huawei will not miss the largest exhibition of the mobile industry and bring to Barcelona new tablets and hybrid computers. The presentation of Huawei P11, which is attributed to the cutout of the display in the style of the iPhone X, will take place either in late March or early April.

As for the other novelties of MWC, on February 25 the presentation of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus is expected. LG will limit itself to the announcement of the updated version of the model V30 , and Sony will introduce the flagship Xperia XZ2 (we will cross fingers to make it a new design with thin frames).

On the plans of Xiaomi there is no exact information - some rumors promise the premiere of the top Mi 7, others indicate the announcement of the Mi 6X with the proprietary Surge S2 processor .

Source: ETNews