Without a winner and $ 30 million: Google closed the award Lunar X Prize

None of the   participants of the   will have time to   31   to land on   Moon is his own lunar rover, so to continue the project no longer makes sense

Without a winner and $ 30 million: Google closed the award Lunar X Prize

Google finally said goodbye to   with its Lunar X award   Prize for private companies in   aerospace industry. After 10 years, despite   ambitions and   effort, the winner and   not   determined, and   $ 30 prize money   millions of   got to anyone.

What is Lunar X   Prize

The prize was established in   2007 by Peter Diamandis and   Marcus Shingles. In order to become a winner and   get $ 20   million, it was necessary to land on   the surface of the Moon is a private self-propelled spacecraft. AND   it's not   all: it was necessary to overcome the   less than 500   meters, and   also conveyed to   Earth high-quality photos and   video images. Another $ 5   million promised for   second place, the remaining $ 5   millions distributed   would be in   As a reward to losers, but   distinguished participants.

Originally in   25 teams participated in the race, but   at   A big finale was just five: Moon Express of   Florida, Japanese Team Hakuto, Israeli SpaceIL, Indian TeamIndus and   international group Synergy Moon. Them   repeatedly made concessions, constantly enduring deadline: first 2012, then 2015 , the end of the 16th and   On the 17th . The final date was 31   March 2018.

Why closed

The contest had to be closed ahead of schedule, since none of the   finalists, if you look at   situation sober, not   will have time to   this time to conquer the moon. " This one in   literally jump to   The moon is complicated, and   despite   what is up   present time, we   expected the emergence of the winner, due to the difficulties in   collection of money, technical and   administrative problems $ 30   million remain unused "   - said the founder of the fund X   Prize Foundation Peter Diamandis.

All not   in vain

But   talk about   the complete failure of Lunar X   Prize is not   worth it. For example, the finalist Moon Express initiated negotiations with   the US government on   creation of a legal framework allowing commercial companies to fly to the   space and   landing on   The moon. SpaceIL, TeamIndus and   Hakuto promise to continue working on projects. Not   lower their arms and   retired in   Last year Astrobotic Technology and   PTScientists.

Recall that in   competition participated and   emigrant from   Donetsk region , now living in   Canada, Alexander Dobriansky with   son of Sergei. Alas, $ 20   million   also not   see.

Source: Mashable