Russia invests 500 million rubles in e-sports

By: Anton Melnik | 30.01.2018, 05:16
Russia invests 500 million rubles in e-sports

Round, at first glance, the amount will be allocated in the next year and a half by the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (FII) on the rise of domestic e-sports and geymdev.

How to start

Although 500 million and sounds impressive, but by the standards of modern igroproma - this is not so much, because the overall budget of AAA class projects often overcomes the bar of 200 million US dollars, which is more expensive than many Hollywood blockbusters. So the FREI, together with the M19 electronic sports organization, for the time being will be limited only to support of startups, services to collect statistics and organize competitions. So the accelerator was launched - a three-month program of accelerated business promotion for young companies. Each participant can get up to five million rubles, access to the audience of the M19 (more than 4.5 million gamers) and advice on promotion through the tools of the M19.

Who can use the program

Any company engaged in collecting statistics and analyzing the behavior of players, developers of platforms for conducting and searching for tournaments, as well as other teams that at least somehow interact with e-sports. You can apply for participation until February 28. The project will start on June 7.

Source: FREI