There are two potentially suitable for life planets

By: Anton Melnik | 30.01.2018, 09:04
There are two potentially suitable for life planets

In the previously found planetary system TRAPPIST-1, after a detailed study of the three planets, two found the conditions for the existence of life.

Studies of other worlds

Planetary geophysicist Amy Barr, together with a team of astronomers, created the mathematical models of the seven worlds TRAPPIST-1, with the help of which they determined that six of them could be water in liquid or solid state, and one capable of having a global ocean on its surface.
The planets of the system have ovoid orbits that stretch and contract back, heating the surface and the inner composition of the cosmic bodies. This phenomenon is called tidal heating, it raises the temperature on the planet, triggering certain chemical processes and movements of the mantle layers, which, in turn, form the conditions suitable for life.
"This is one of the main discoveries. The planets are also in egg-shaped eccentric orbits, so every time the planet bypasses the star, it stretches and shrinks, "Barr told the Guardian.
The most suitable for existence were the planets D and E, since the tidal heating on them is less than on all others.

Source: Independent