Standard applications on smartphones Alcatel has replaced advertising junk

By: Bohdan Chub | 30.01.2018, 11:45
Standard applications on smartphones Alcatel has replaced advertising junk

Alcatel risks losing credibility for a long time. In pre-installed applications on the brand's smartphones, ads and dubious utility functions have appeared, and the list of requested permissions is only growing.

What happened?


Android Police drew attention to the standard gallery, which in November changed its name to Candy Gallery. The signature key of the application has not changed, but the developer now specifies Hi Art Studio instead of the previous All would be nothing, but users began to complain about glitches and appeared advertising. It is also alarming that the application requires access to the location and SMS-messages. The old version was enough to read the file system.

Evaluation of the gallery on Google Play began to decline due to the numerous "units". And this is only the tip of the iceberg. It turned out that other Alcatel applications in the store also changed a lot lately. So, in the file manager added the "acceleration" and "antivirus", which only load the device. The standard user launcher is called "a virus under the guise of a program".

The native launcher does not even recognize the proprietary button Alcatel

Apparently, the company has shifted the development of software to a partner who does not care about the interests of users. In a similar situation, once HTC turned out, when the Android-keyboard TouchPal began displaying ads. But the Taiwanese company quickly corrected this error, while Alcatel had not reacted to complaints for several months.

Recently, Alcatel teaserila announced new products with screens 18: 9 and a "frameless" flagship , but in light of the latest manufacturer's policy of wanting to buy a smartphone with advertising "out of the box" will not be much.

What to do?

The easiest way to solve the problem is to go to the settings and remove the updates to standard applications, and then turn off the automatic download updates feature on Google Play. In newer versions of Android, unwanted software can be "turned off" so that it is not even displayed in the list.

Alcatel's brand belongs to Chinese TCL Communications, which also develops BlackBerry smartphones and plans to revive Palm.