Microsoft bought a startup that deals with cloud gaming

By: Igor Nikitin | 30.01.2018, 17:46
Microsoft bought a startup that deals with cloud gaming

Microsoft bought a startup PlayFab, which connects games to cloud services.

Why do they need this

The terms of cooperation of the companies were not disclosed, but "small-scale" will introduce the PlayFab achievements into Azure's own cloud service.

Vice-president of the game division Microsoft Karim Choudry noted that more and more gaming companies are trying to switch to cloud technologies. In his opinion, this simplifies the players' access to the industry and improves security. At the same time, this hinders the developers who implement additional content after the game is released.

PlayFab solve these problems and give developers a focus on creating games. Startup cooperates with large companies and independent developers. "PlayFab gives developers the ability to use" smart clouds "to build and manage, analyze and implement a full-fledged gaming experience," Chowdhry said.