Results of the first 4G-tender: as Kyivstar, lifecell and Vodafone disassembled frequencies

By: Bohdan Chub | 31.01.2018, 13:36
Results of the first 4G-tender: as Kyivstar, lifecell and Vodafone disassembled frequencies

In Ukraine, the first tender for the sale of 4G-licenses in the range of 2600 MHz was held. For seven lots "Big Three" paid 2 billion 456 million hryvnia, which is 147 million more than the original amount. But first things first.

To whom and for how much

Kyivstar quickly published infographics

The first and largest lot (20 MHz) won lifecell after one step of the price increase to 601.6 million hryvnia. The company also seized the second lot (10 MHz) for 307.7 million hryvnia.

Kyivstar was in a better position. By purchasing the third, fourth and fifth lots of 10 MHz, the operator provided a continuous band of 2 × 15 MHz for the maximum flexibility of spectrum use. For comparison, two separate bands of 5 MHz for lifecell are ineffective for starting a 4G network (additional radio transmitters are required). Lot # 3 and # 4 cost 293 million each, and Lot # 5 after several increases was worth 330.3 million.


Kyivstar was also bargaining for the sixth lot at 10 MHz, but after the fourth price increase it was taken by Vodafone Ukraine for 345 million hryvnia. To get a solid band at 10 MHz, the operator also bought the seventh lot at 10 MHz at a starting price of 286 million hryvnia.

What's next?

Launch of 4G LTE in Ukraine is scheduled for March-April 2018, but so far only the cities with a population of one million people are talking.

After the second tender for frequencies in the 1800 MHz band, the process will go faster, since most base stations of Ukrainian operators can already work with this standard. The list of participants of the next contest will be determined at the end of February, and the auction will be held in March.

Frequency bands put up for the first auction:

Lot No. 1 (20 MHz): 2540-2545, 2565-2570 / 2660-2665, 2685-2690 MHz

Lot No. 2 (10 MHz): 2535-2540 / 2655-2660 MHz

Lot No. 3 (10 MHz): 2530-2535 / 2650-2655 MHz

Lot No. 4 (10 MHz): 2525-2530 / 2645-2650 MHz

Lot No. 5 (10 MHz): 2520-2525 / 2640-2645 MHz

Lot No. 6 (10 MHz): 2510-2515 / 2630-2635 MHz

Lot No. 7 (10 MHz): 2515-2520 / 2635-2640 MHz