Archos 101 XS: the thinnest tablet with a docking station in the form of a keyboard for $ 400

By: Евгений Бонд | 23.08.2012, 10:01
Archos 101 XS: the thinnest tablet with a docking station in the form of a keyboard for $ 400

If you remember, in March a French veteran in the production of tablets published a teaser, which showed the announced today a 10-inch tablet Archos 101 XS with a thickness of 7.6 mm and a docking station in the form of a keyboard, like the ASUS Padfone and ASUS Transformer series. As we already know, the thickness of the 580-gram tablet is 7.6 mm, and together with the "keyboard" that clings to the tablet with the help of built-in magnets, it turns out 12 mm, which is comparable to the last iPad covered with the Smart Cover. The dock lacks not only the battery and connectors, but also the hinge on which the tablet is usually placed - instead, it is necessary to lift the built-in dock support, which raises questions about the strength of such a solution, and place the tablet on a dedicated place in the dock, which is not entirely convenient, since the slope of the tablet is not regulated in this case. Gray parts are made of plastic, which in appearance and feeling mows under metal, and white parts - from the most ordinary plastic. The processor is a dual-core TI OMAP-4470 at 1.5 GHz with a video processor PowerVR SGX544, the resolution of the 10-inch display is 1280x800, RAM and flash memory is only 1 and 16 GB respectively, and the battery capacity is quite impressive - 6800 mAh equal to 7.6 mm!). Wireless modules have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. The webcam on 1.3 MP, a microSD card slot, miniHDMI connectors, microUSB and a headphone jack were installed on the main body. Naturally, Android 4.0 is installed as the OS, which will be updated to 4.1 in the fourth quarter. European shipments will begin in November at a price of $ 400 for a set of tablet and keyboard.