OnePlus published a report for 2017

By: miroslav-trinko | 31.01.2018, 17:44
OnePlus published a report for 2017

OnePlus shared interesting statistics over the past year.

What was told

Sales of smartphones in 2017 increased by 55%, mainly due to OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T. The company's devices are sold in 32 countries.

In the Open Beta program, 111,000 users are already participating, who in 2017 helped find 1700 bugs in the OxygenOS firmware.

The company's community totals 1325057 users from 183 countries of the world. Over the past year, OnePlus held 40 Pop-up events, the length of the queue for which in the total amount was 6.46 km.

OnePlus spent 24,936,678 hours on answers to users and solved 10.52 million problems. The company employs 776 people from 18 countries, who ordered pizza 268 times, drank more than 18 thousand cups of coffee and ate 87 cakes.

OnePlus 5 became the best-selling smartphone of the Finnish operator Elisa.

In the dry residue

The Chinese manufacturer went to his statistics very original, telling about all the achievements and achievements for 2017. But, despite this, the company had several scandalous moments, including the leakage of bank card data to 40,000 buyers .

Source: OnePlus