Telegram X for Android: now officially

By: miroslav-trinko | 01.02.2018, 11:17
Telegram X for Android: now officially

There were a lot of questions to the Telegram X application on Android. But yesterday on the official website of the company appeared official information about the new messenger and the library TDLib (Telegram Database Library) .

What is Telegram X

Telegram X is an alternative application that will test new features and functions. According to the company, in the future it can replace the usual Telegram application, but if this does not happen, the application will be left as a platform for innovation.

Telegram X for Android is based on TDLib and is optimized for smartphones with 64-bit architecture. In addition, they updated the application design, optimized the profile page and added symmetric AES encryption for secure key exchange. Also there is an opportunity to choose the themes - Default Blue, Night Blue and Night Black, change the font size, enable automatic night mode and send files without limitation in size.

What is TDLib

This is a cross-platform library for creating third-party Telegram customers. It can be easily used with almost any programming language. The library contains already ready information about the implementation of the network, encryption and local storage of data. This will help developers to focus more on the design of alternative applications.

In the dry residue

Telegram's audience is getting bigger every day, so it's logical that the company seeks to develop it and add new functions and opportunities for users and developers.