Google flights have learned to predict flight delays

By: Bohdan Chub | 01.02.2018, 15:47
Google flights have learned to predict flight delays

The flight search service Google Flights will now notify users about possible delays in flights, as well as inform about the restrictions of the selected tariff.

How it works?

google-flights-delays-12) .png

Google's algorithms analyze data about previous flights on a given route. They predict the delay in the flight and its duration even before the airline announces it. The message will appear only if the probability is not less than 80%. You can view the flight information on the website of the service or directly in the Google search, indicating the name of the carrier and the direction.

As the forecast may not be accurate, the company insists that passengers arrive at the airport on time.

To avoid paying twice

Another useful innovation - the service will tell you what is included in the ticket price, whether there is a choice of a seat in the cabin and how much the transportation of extra baggage will cost. While the function is only available for flights American, Delta and United Airlines.

Source: Google