Chrome will block annoying ads

By: Igor Nikitin | 14.02.2018, 15:44
Chrome will block annoying ads

Google intends to deal with annoying ads, which irritates users of websites.

What is known

Tomorrow, February 15, Chrome will receive a built-in ad blocker that will clean up web resources from annoying ads. Desktop versions of sites lose automatic video, "sticky" banners and pop-up ads.

Mobile Chrome is more aggressive and will remove pop-up ads, banners that cover content, and automatic video with sound. Also, "sticky" banners at the bottom of the screen will disappear and blinking advertising with animation.

Warning shot

Before blocking, Google will send messages to the owners of the site, so that they all corrected. If the warning is ignored, the company will disconnect the annoying advertisement after 30 days. In the future, the owner can solve this issue and leave a request for a repeated check of the resource.

So Google wants to make advertising less annoying for users. If you do not mind looking at pop-up windows, then the blocker can be disabled. Now 42% of sites have corrected the situation and removed annoying videos and banners.

Source: Chromium Blog