HomePod spoils furniture users

Owners of the "smart column" encountered a problem during operation.

HomePod spoils furniture users

Owners of the "smart column" HomePod began to scold the device for damaged wooden furniture.

What is known

Pocket-lint journalists ran into a problem when operating a smart column. According to them, the rim, located at the bottom of the device, leaves traces on the wooden furniture.

"We installed the speaker on an oak countertop, processed with Danish oil. After 20 minutes, a distinctly visible white ring appeared on the surface, which was discolored after a few days, but did not disappear completely, "the report said.

Apple explained everything

The Apple representative explained that this is normal and should be so. Rubber, from which the bottom bezel is made, reacts chemically with oil or varnish. Купертиновцы advise users to rub a surface of wooden furniture with a special substance which the device manufacturer recommends.

How to avoid the problem

To prevent the situation from turning into a scandal, Apple wrote recommendations for the care of HomePod. Kupertinovtsy recommended simply not to put a "smart column" on a wooden surface. Internet users are more inventive and suggested that Apple create a cover for HomePod.