Take the Dead Space shooter to Origin for free and forever

By: Bohdan Chub | 15.02.2018, 20:13
Take the Dead Space shooter to Origin for free and forever

Electronic Arts arranged a distribution of space horror Dead Space. The first part of the most famous series of Visceral Games can be downloaded for free at Origin.

And now more

Dead Space came under the action "Gift from Origin". After adding to the library, the game will remain there forever, but the offer itself is limited in time. Therefore, immediately go to the project page , click "Add to the library" and enter (if necessary) into your account. Profit! You can not even open the Origin client - the project has already gone to a personal collection.

In the horror shooter players will act as engineer Isaac Clark. He tries to get out of the spacecraft "Ishimura", fighting with necromorphs - dead crew members, who turned into a sort of hybrid of zombies and aliens.

This year Dead Space turns 10 years old, and the third and last part of the series was released in 2013. EA did not openly announce the closure of the franchise, but it does not pursue it either. In addition, last year the company disbanded the studio Visceral Games.

Source: Origin