Boxer MTS figured out what is faster - sound or 3G

By: technoslav | 16.02.2018, 16:51
Boxer MTS figured out what is faster - sound or 3G

The editorial board of gg has always been sure that the creators of advertising regularly take drugs. How else to explain the stories in which, for example, a girl bites off a tile of hallucinogenic chocolate, after which she starts to see half-naked muscular men rolling her in a Venetian gondola. It is difficult to imagine what the creators of this MTS commercial were guided by (earlier in the abuse of drugs only the creators of Kyivstar advertising were noticed, it is enough to recall the giant pigeon and singing deer), but without the "substances" there seems to have been. Just think: the boxer understands what is faster - sound or 3G. Boxer. Find out what is faster - sound or 3G . In this phrase, everything is fine to the last letter.

To implement this epic video took the famous (as otherwise) Icelandic director Thor (Thor). No, boy, this is not the hero of the comic Marvel, do not interrupt. No, he does not have a hammer. Yes, we know that you saw the movie. No, he was not filming there! He's a director! Icelandic! Famous. He just has a name like that - in Iceland everyone wears it. There everyone, if not Thor, then One or, at worst, Loki. For the filming rented the airport (I would assume that the runway was painted on the computer, but they say that they rented it), the plane (it's cheaper to draw the takeoff than to take off, but shooting inside the plane can be real), dozens of microphones and speakers (also painted) , a boxing pear (real), a pair of boxing gloves and an Olympic champion, which was made by Alexander Usik - the pride of Ukrainian sports and the unchanged face of MTS Ukraine for several years.

If you ignore for a moment the idea of ​​measuring the speed of sound, data transfer and boxing blows, and imagine that there is even a drop of logic in it, even after watching the viewer, the question still remains: what, all the same, faster? Or who? Perhaps you can find the answer to this question in the video that will be released (or already released) on the TV screens. At this, the editorial office of gg goes to a forced rehabilitation rest and leaves behind a slogan: "Say NO to drugs"

Traditional video, reflecting the difficulties of daily journalistic work