Amazon now costs more than Microsoft

By: Bohdan Chub | 16.02.2018, 18:10
Amazon now costs more than Microsoft

First Amazon founder Jeff Bezos pushed Blill Gates into the billionaires' ranking, becoming the richest person in the world , and now his company has also equipped Microsoft with market capitalization.

Number three in the world

The Bezos office in 1999 and the new Amazon headquarters (to be opened in 2018)

On Wednesday, February 14, Amazon shares rose 2.57%, bringing the company's value to $ 702.5 billion, while Microsoft's Bill Gates was estimated at $ 700.6 billion. Online retailer came in third place in terms of capitalization in the world, it is only ahead of Apple ($ 849 billion) and Alphabet holding ($ 745 billion), the parent company Google.

Actually, Microsoft is also doing well - just over the past year the value of its shares has increased by 41%. Simply, Amazon showed a more impressive increase of 72%. At the current pace, the brainchild of Jeff Bezos has every chance to become the most expensive company in the world.

Source: Business Insider