Caller Blackzone Vodka - without 100 grams you will not understand

By: Bohdan Chub | 05.03.2018, 12:05
Caller Blackzone Vodka - without 100 grams you will not understand

Little-known Indian brand Blackzone released a button phone with the marvelous name Vodka. Apparently, the designers have been subtly hinted at this, under the influence of what they had the idea of ​​creating this device. And here there is something to see.

With the world in a thread

The developers of Blackzone Vodka were inspired by the design of the iPhone and tried as best they could. On the plastic back, strips stylized under the antenna splitters were made, and a double chamber (naturally with a protrusion) was installed. In the characteristics, even something is said about the optical approximation, although with allowance for the resolution of both modules of 0.3 megapixels could not be bothered. The manufacturer did not stop there and added iOS-style shortcuts to the home screen.

Even in the gadget there is a front camera with its own flash, but here the resolution is only 0.3 MP. Diagonal display - 2.8 inches. The capacity of the battery is 1800 mAh.

How much does it cost?

In India, Blackzone Vodka can be bought for about $ 15. At us "vodkafon" only because of the name could be in great demand. To the note to the manufacturers, who do not have in stock legendary models for the next reincarnation.

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