The Ukrainian brought to Indiegogo lamp UniColor for drawing with light

By: Bohdan Chub | 09.03.2018, 18:53
The Ukrainian brought to Indiegogo lamp UniColor for drawing with light

On the craddging platform Indiegogo successfully launched a project of a color LED lamp UniColor. It was developed by the Kiev resident Alexey Tishchenko, and the necessary amount of $ 10,000 was collected in just a few days.

What it is?


UniColor can play 16 million colors to create interesting lighting effects. The novelty can also be used for drawing with light - more than 400 different modes are available, and a wireless remote control with a range of 20 meters is used for control. Thus, users can shoot on the smartphone and change the settings in parallel. By the way, in the kit is a mount for the mobile gadget. We have not seen such a stick for Selfie yet.


The lamp is available in two versions: a standard UniColor length of 50 centimeters and a meter UniColor Pro. Unlike most analogs, the device is protected from dust and water according to the IP67 standard. The case can withstand falls from a height of 5 meters.

The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 8 hours of UniColor operation or up to 4 hours in the Pro-version, a portable battery (a normal charger from the network, too) is suitable for recharging. UniColor illuminates the space 180 degrees within a radius of one and a half meters. If the project collects more than $ 20,000, the developers will release a 120-degree focusing lens to increase the "working" distance to 2.5 meters.

How much is?

On Indiegogo, the UniColor price starts at $ 80 or $ 120 for a large model, after the campaign ends they will cost $ 150 and $ 180 respectively. The lamp is tested for six months already, it was tested even in salt water. Deliveries are expected in May-June.

Direct analog Voyager is at times more expensive than Ukrainian development (from $ 290 for a 50-centimeter lamp), while its creators are still solving the issue of moisture protection. Those who are interested only in the technique of drawing with light, may be interested in 1.9-meter LED strip Pixelstick ($ 350), which at a certain skill allows you to create animated images from the light.

Source: Indiegogo