Apple patents keyboard without sticking for MacBook

By: Bohdan Chub | 09.03.2018, 22:38
Apple patents keyboard without sticking for MacBook

Since 2015, the keyboards of laptops MacBook uses the mechanism of "butterfly", which has one unpleasant feature - with time the buttons begin to stick because of the small debris that has fallen under them. Judging by Apple's new patent, the company is already working on solving the problem.

What did they tell?

The document describes a variety of ways to protect the keyboard from dirt and spillage of liquid. Engineers suggest using flaps, gaskets or brushes to fill the space between the keys without gaps. An alternative is the membrane to isolate each mechanism separately.

In one variant of the design, when pressed, the air button exits the holes in the membrane and blows off the dust. Also indicated is a more advanced version, which involves the cooling system of the laptop.

What's next?

Apple filed a patent application in 2016, and the prototypes of the new generation of keyboards can already be tested in the company's laboratories. When they appear in the laptops of the company - it is not known, so do not rush to throw out rubber pears and compressed air bottles for blowing the keys.

Sources: USPTO , TechRadar