LG G7 should come out in May, and V40 because of this show a few months later

By: Elena Shcherban | 13.03.2018, 19:46
LG G7 should come out in May, and V40 because of this show a few months later

AT   There are more rumors about   new flagship LG   G7 ( exact name before   It is still unknown , as, indeed,   any other official information), and,   last leaks, it should be   end of April.

What are the terms

Recall, the output of the seventh generation of the G-series   at   LG   postponed , deciding to completely redo the flagship and   add him his " zest " . Specific dates in   companies do not   call, but   at   The media leaked information that the presentation was planned for   end of April. A   already in   May the " fresh " flagship should appear on the   store shelves.

What to expect

Not   We know what " raisins " were   LG, but   leakage while nothing supernatural is not   portend . On the contrary   - several sources say about   As in "monobrovi"   iPhone X, which will accommodate the front camera, speaker and   sensors. Also, the novelty is attributed to a 6-inch display, Snapdragon 845 processor, 6 + 64 GB   memory, a dual main camera for   16   Mp   and   3000 battery   mAh. If you believe the renderers, on   The rear panel will house a fingerprint reader.

It also mentions   plus-model G7 with   6 and   128 GB   memory.

It is expected that LG   The G7 will cost a little more than its predecessor.

LG   V40

AT   links with   delay G7 in   LG   changed the exit schedule and   other smartphones. So, V40 instead of September (as its predecessor) will be released on   a few months later   - in   November.

Source: ETNews , Phone Arena