iRobot Braava 320 and 380T - robots with wet cleaning function

By: yashnyk | 23.08.2013, 12:20
iRobot Braava 320 and 380T - robots with wet cleaning function

iRobot is known around the world for its robots for cleaning and war industries. The company reported that it has already sold 10 million domestic robots and, apparently in honor of the holiday, has launched two more new ones, which will be discussed.

iRobot Braava 320 and Braava 380T are robots for rubbing floors. They work only on a solid surface and can do both dry and wet cleaning. The working tool of robots - disposable napkins or firm microfiber, which can be used a couple of hundred times. But still, since this material has a property to be wiped, it will need to be changed manually with some periodicity. The older model of the Braava 380T, in contrast to the 320th, has more battery and can clean in several rooms on one charge, but due to a smarter automatics it does it more qualitatively. The distinctive features of the robots of the Braava series are noiselessness and relatively low cost.

Both robots are presented in only one color: Braava 320 - in white, and Braava 380Т - in black. They can already be purchased on the manufacturer's website for 200 and 300 dollars (6600 rubles / 1600 UAH and 9900 rubles / 2400 UAH), respectively.