Sharp Cocorobo robot cleaner will clean and chat with you

By: Евгений Бонд | 08.05.2012, 20:21

Now only the lazy do not let out the robotic vacuum cleaners and, as a consequence, there is a desperate war for the purses of consumers, so the manufacturers from the leather are climbing, inventing their own features. So, Sharp equipped the Coco-Bobo robot cleaner with several cameras, a microphone and a speaker for voice control or remote - using a smartphone. Also, the Japanese proudly tell you that you can chat with their novelty. True, "chat" - this is loudly said, since after each voice command, the robot only cackles answers with the sacramental "I understand" (I understood). The price is stated in the area of ​​$ 1600-1700, but we are not interested because the device will be sold only in Japan, for now.