Sony explained why they removed the 3.5 mm audio connector in Xperia XZ2

AT   companies said that this requires a new design of Ambient Flow devices. True, in   Xperia XZ2 he   not   especially conspicuous.

Sony explained why they removed the 3.5 mm audio connector in Xperia XZ2

On   exhibition Mobile World Congress 2018 Sony its new flagship   - Xperia XZ2 and   its reduced version of the Xperia XZ2 Compact . They became the first devices of the company without traditional 3, 5-millimeter headphone connectors.

Why removed

AT   Recently manufacturers refuse   connectors in   use compactness of smartphones, moisture protection or increased battery capacity. But   this is not all   about Xperia XZ2: there are batteries with   very " ordinary " 3180   mAh and   2870   mAh (in   basic and   Compact version, respectively). Yes   and   " Slender " new models are not   you name it: rather, it's " pyshki " with   dimensions of 153 × 72 × 11.1   mm (Xperia XZ2) and   135 × 65 × 12.1   mm (Xperia XZ2 Compact).

A   that's what they say in   Sony: " This is part of the transition to   our new design is Ambient Flow. To create a beautiful seamless body, our specialists needed to get rid of   headphone jack. In addition, we   realize the general trend of the market in   wireless headphones by   compared to   wire. "

It sounds pretty unconvincing, because the latest innovations Xperia XZ2, though   have acquired some roundness and   reduced frames are still allocated to   background of modern frameless. Most likely, the manufacturer just decided to go on about the latest trends.

But   we   all   We hope that in   companies really decided to change their corporate angular design of smartphones, especially   - they themselves consider it obsolete.

Xperia XZ2 owners are advised to use wireless headphones or a special adapter with   USB Type-C on   3, 5-mm audio output.

Source: GSMArena