Hello from the 80's: Casio revives the first "game" calculator

By: Bohdan Chub | 16.03.2018, 11:29
Hello from the 80's: Casio revives the first "game" calculator

In August 1980, Casio released a calculator MG-880 with music and digital in the truest sense of the word game Space Invaders. Only occasionally it was used for its intended purpose, devoting all the rest of the time to the destruction of space invaders. Now Casio decided to hit on nostalgia and introduced a modern version of the device - SL-880.

How it works?


In the new model, the manufacturer updated the design, increased the size of the display and added a solar battery, but all the "classic" functions are in place. Users can practice creating melodies or immediately activate the Space Invaders mode. Management in the game is as simple as possible: using the decimal point button, select the figure or UFO icon on the left. Pressing the "+" on the right removes the corresponding symbol, if any. The health indicator is also displayed on the screen (in the beginning - three bars). Every time the numbers fill the entire line, the player will lose one "life".

When and how much?

In Japan, sales of the Casio SL-880 will begin on March 23rd. Approximate price of new items - 2000 yen or about $ 19. Judging by the signs with hieroglyphs, until the company plans to release a calculator in other countries.

And here's how users play on the original Casio MG-880:

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