Apple leads in the number of unmanned vehicles in America

By: Eugene Sherban | 21.03.2018, 10:53
Apple leads in the number of unmanned vehicles in America

Have   Apple's second place by   number of self-governing vehicles in   the capital of UAVs in California. Co   With its 45 UAVs, Apple outperformed Uber and   Tesla.

Apple is catching up

If about   Uber and   Tesla say for a couple of years, then   Apple's drones used to be a rare beast and   extremely mysterious. AT   April 2017, the company tested only 3 drones. AT   end of last year their   already 27. And   now, after 3 seconds   excess of a month   already 45.

What do u   competitors?

Tesla officially tests in   California, 39 unmanned vehicles, and   Uber   - 29   machines. More cars in   this state only   Cruise   - 110 units. The previous leader was Wyamo, but they threw most of their fleet into   Arizona.

What are interesting drones Apple

Until   very clear   - Tim Cook usually gets away with general phrases. " Autonomy   - this is something incredibly exciting for us, let's see where it will lead us,   - Apple CEO said in   an interview with Bloomberg in the summer of 2017. -   we   consider autonomy as the mother of all projects in the   sphere of artificial intelligence. Perhaps this is one of the   the most complex AI projects you need to work on "

As it turned out, Apple was working on its own project of drones in   2014 year. The project was named Titan and   on   Over 1,000 engineers worked on it, but in autumn 2016 the company decided to freeze the project and   to fire some of the employees. A   at   April 2017, Apple received permission to   unmanned vehicles in   California and   released on   Three state roads.

Source: AppleInsider