LG G7 will get LCD, not OLED-display

By: Eugene Sherban | 21.03.2018, 11:14
LG G7 will get LCD, not OLED-display

The Investor   reference to   Korean analysts say that in   LG   decided to abandon   OLED screen for the flagship LG   G7. A   all because in   LG   not   want to increase the cost of a new flagship.

Why refuse

Previous flags LG   were not sold   well enough, so in   companies took a short pause on   rethinking the product. AND   one of   The main questions concerned the display. OLED display costs   2 -2.5 times more expensive than comparable   quality LCD screen . Yes, OLED has better energy efficiency and   smaller thickness, but   at   LG   felt that it was not   worth overpayment.

More about   G7

Here, so far only rumors and   insides. Several sources say   As in "monobrovi"   iPhone X, which will accommodate the front camera, speaker and   sensors. Also, the novelty is attributed to a 6-inch display, Snapdragon 845 processor, 6 + 64 GB   memory, a dual main camera for   16   Mp   and   3000 battery   mAh. If you believe the renderers, on   The rear panel will house a fingerprint reader. Date of announcement in   companies do not   call, but   at   The media leaked information that the presentation was planned for   end of April.

Source: The Investor