YouTube learned to stream directly from the browser

By: Elena Shcherban | 21.03.2018, 21:12
YouTube learned to stream directly from the browser

YouTube has decided to make life easier for streamers and   simplify the rules for conducting live broadcasts with   webcam computer or tablet, and   with   smartphones.

For PC owners

Now, no   You will need additional software or special settings: users will be able to broadcast only with   using a webcam and   browser.

To do this, go to or click Go   live in   site header. Beginners will need to verify their account with   using your phone number. Usually, approval or denial is given to users in   within 24 hours. If you   have been tested   - you can immediately   same start streaming.

While a simplified " procedure " works only in   Chrome, but   soon promise to spread it   and   at   other browsers.


For smartphone owners

Live broadcasts without additional services will soon be available and   from   using a smartphone. AT   In the next few months,   owners of Asus, LG, Motorola, Nokia and   Samsung, however, specific models in the   YouTube is not   indicate. Co   time list of manufacturers and   supported smartphones will increase.

Source: YouTube

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