In China, installed a "vending machine", distributing cars for a test drive

By: Igor Nikitin | 27.03.2018, 08:12
In China, installed a "vending machine", distributing cars for a test drive

Alibaba signed a contract with Ford a year ago. The Chinese company has planned long-term cooperation with the manufacturer on the territory of China, and now the time has come.

What is known

The companies opened a "vending machine" in Guangzhou, which gives cars a test drive. If the buyer has seen a particular model of the car, he can take the car for three days. The vending machine is connected to the Tmall store. Buyers choose their favorite car and plan a rental date.

How it works

Of course, Ford would not give out cars to anyone. The Super Test-Drive Center operates a rating system that only gives out cars to people with an acceptable social loan. Alibaba uses the Zhima or Sesame Credit credit system, which is connected to the social ranking system of China. Yes, straight as in the episode of the "Black Mirror".

If the user's social credit is above 700, he easily takes the car for a test without problems. Users whose rating is below this mark are forced to pay. Note that the user's rating starts at 550, when he does not have a credit history. The scale itself varies from 350 to 950.

When the buyer gets to the "vending machine", he confirms the identity using his own data and photos. The process takes 10 minutes. Scenarios for using the machine are not limited. The buyer is given three days to evaluate the car and make a choice. He can even take a car to drive shopping in the mall.

Napoleonic plans

Alibaba plans to expand the idea. The company wants to make kiosks throughout China, so that the test drive becomes more accessible. Also, buyers will be offered a discount of 10%, and you can pay through the branches of Alibaba.

Source: Techcrunch