After 8 years Google will still pay Oracle for using Java in the Android OS

By: Elena Shcherban | 28.03.2018, 19:23
After 8 years Google will still pay Oracle for using Java in the Android OS

AT   The US seems to have finally decided a long-standing dispute between Google and   Oracle about   legality of using Java in   Android operating system. AND   decision of the court is not   at   the benefit of Google: soon the corporation will have to give the opponent a tidy sum.

ABOUT   than speech

This dispute lasts for 8 long years. A   everything began with   of what is   2010, Oracle filed for   court, accusing Google of   copyright infringement. The thing is   that the development of the Android operating system used the Java programming language, and   he   was created by Sun Microsystems   - the company that Oracle acquired.

Initially, the damage was assessed in   1   a billion dollars, but   at   2015, looking at the   the success of Android, Oracle said that the damage "has multiplied " .

AT   In 2016, the court decided that Google did not   it is worthwhile to punish, since both products (and   Java, and   Android) are distributed freely and   is free. The plaintiff believed otherwise, drawing attention to the   income from   advertising in   Android.

AT   Last year, Oracle filed an appeal, and   now the US Court of Appeal granted her. " Google could   to comply with copyright through the development of its own software interfaces, or interfaces Oracle licensing for use in the development of its new platform, but the company decided to copy the Oracle product »,   - it says in   decision of the court.

Question price

Now the federal court in   San Francisco must determine how much Google will pay Oracle. The last announced amount was 8.8   billion dollars.

Recall that in   Last year, the European Commission fined Google   2.42   billion euros for   abuse of dominant position on   market (for any request for   purchase of goods in   EU countries   Google's purchase service is always at the top of the request).

Source: Reuters