Huawei patented folding smartphone with one large flexible LED-screen

By: Pavel Chuikin | 30.03.2018, 16:48
Huawei patented folding smartphone with one large flexible LED-screen

According to the profile resource Letsgodigital, Chinese giant Huawei patented a folding smartphone. In the unfolded state, the gadget resembles a tablet in size.

What was told

Judging by the patent scheme, which the company filed as early as September 19, 2017, the future bendable smartphone Huawei is equipped with one large flexible LED-screen and a special folding mechanism. The structure of the latter and its drawing resemble a similar construction, as in the Microsoft Surface Book. However, unlike the Microsoft tablet, on the folding Huawei smartphone between folded displays there should not be any slit. When the device is decomposed, it turns into a full-fledged tablet. The technical specifications, the release date, the name and the price are still unknown.


What to expect

It seems that Huawei realized that we should not lag behind competitors. Samsung, LG, Elephone, Apple, Lenovo and ZTE have been working on similar models for a long time or have even released their own folding device (as ZTE did). Huawei does not want to graze the rear, so it develops its own variant of a folding smartphone. And how it will come out and whether it will be possible to overtake rivals we will see already at the end of this or next year's maximum.

Source: Letsgodigital