Facebook will protect user data from dishonest advertisers

By: Igor Nikitin | 02.04.2018, 20:52
Facebook will protect user data from dishonest advertisers

Facebook continues to reap the fruits of the scandal about the leakage of user data. The company wants to close this topic as soon as possible and introduces new functions to protect user information.

What is known

Facebook is developing tools to test advertisers. In the social network want to make sure that the advertisers do the distribution with the permission of users. Now, Custom Audiences will force them to provide assurances of the user's consent to use the data. Facebook will also prohibit the transfer of personal information through "business accounts".

The company was told that the tools are already being developed and are being prepared for implementation. Advertisers will be required to provide certificates of permission to use user data. Facebook launched Custom Audiences back in 2012, so that companies download hashed lists of e-mail addresses or phone numbers of customers. So advertisers focused on specific people, rather than a broad audience.

Source: TechCrunch