Xiaomi introduced its own voice assistant Xiao Ai

By: Pavel Chuikin | 03.04.2018, 15:57
Xiaomi introduced its own voice assistant Xiao Ai

Chinese giant Xiaomi published a video of his new voice assistant Xiao Ai.


Future competitor Siri and Google Assistant under the name Xiaomi Xiao Ai should work with all smartphones of the company and perform standard tasks: respond to user's voice requests, help manage smartphone and smart technology, set reminders, alarm clocks, etc. Xiao Ai is tightly connected with the WeChat messenger, which is insanely popular in China.

Where and on what to wait

First, a new voice assistant will only work on the territory of the Celestial Empire. The first smartphone that Xiao Ai officially received was the new frameless Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S flagship. When the new voice assistant Xiaomi appears on other models of the manufacturer is still unknown. It is also not clear whether it will go beyond China and whether it will appear in the global version of MIUI.

Source: The Verge