Firefox Reality - a free browser of mixed reality

By: Bohdan Chub | 03.04.2018, 21:12
Firefox Reality - a free browser of mixed reality

Mozilla introduced a new version of Firefox for helmets of virtual and augmented reality - Firefox Reality. According to the developers, this is the future of modern web browsers.

What can he do?


While in the company showed a short demo with Firefox Reality on HTC Vive Focus. The window in the virtual space is not too different from the desktop version of the browser, and it is noticeable that while the control is not optimized for the console from the VR helmets, this is just the beginning. The browser supports the WebVR standard, as well as integration with the experimental Servo engine (whose creators recently joined the Mixed Reality team and will promote mixed-reality technologies). As in the case of Firefox Quantum, the team focuses on speed.

Firefox Reality is aimed at fully autonomous VR / AR helmets, like the same HTC Vive Focus or Oculus Go , but for the experiments developers can use headsets with smartphones in the style of Samsung Gear VR. The source code for the browser is already laid out on the GitHub .

Why is it important?

Until now, mixed reality browsers have been created for a specific platform. Oculus has its own for Gear VR, Google is testing the version of Chrome for Daydream, and Microsoft Edge is running in Windows Mixed Reality. Now users will have an alternative in the form of cross-platform Firefox Reality.

In this segment, Firefox Reality is so far the only free open source browser. Mozilla also pays great attention to the privacy and security of users. The project team believes that over time, mixed reality will work directly in the browser, and the need for separate applications will fall away.

Sources: Mozilla , YouTube