Testers Windows 10 have access to experimental chips

By: Igor Nikitin | 05.04.2018, 09:03
Testers Windows 10 have access to experimental chips

Microsoft continues experiments with the working environment of Windows 10. Last year, the techno giant introduced the Sets interface, which launches applications in tabs, rather than the usual individual windows. It's like working with Google Drive apps in a browser, just offline on a PC.

Improving the workspace

Now you can drag and drop tabs within the "set" and combine several tabbed windows into one. You can also pull out the tab from the Edge browser and paste it into the Sets. There was a long-awaited function to switch between tabs with the help of "Alt + Tab". Tabs were allowed to drag into other windows, and also close and restore accidentally closed ones. Earlier they were restored all at once, now it is done selectively.

Other improvements

Microsoft added the function of fast grouping of two tabs "Explorer", and in the settings now shows the percentage of charge of Bluetooth devices. New features, for the present, are not available to a wide audience of users. Microsoft did not specify the exact release date of the update, so we are just waiting.

Source: Windows Blog