Why Apple removed the 3.5 mm connector

By: Pavel Chuikin | 08.09.2016, 12:28
Why Apple removed the 3.5 mm connector

In connection with yesterday's presentation of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the foreign edition of BuzzFeed interviewed the Apple vice-presidents Greg Josvik, Dani Riccio and Phil Schiller. During the conversation, the company representatives finally told why they decided to remove the audio jack by 3.5 millimeters. On a loud statement Phil Schiller connector removed, because the company found the best way to transfer sound. Therefore, he simply stopped being necessary.

According to the vice-presidents, another "incredible" case led to the denial of the ill-fated entrance. Dan Riccio talked about the Driver Ledge card, which is responsible for the lighting system and the work of the updated smartphone screen and before that was near the main camera module. But in new iPhone the camera and its module have changed and now the Driver Ledge card did not get in its place. Then it was pushed down and placed near the 3.5mm connector. After that, both the audio output and the board started to bugger. And then Apple engineers thought about eliminating the interfering input for the headphones. In the end, they decided to remove him and did not regret their actions at all. In fact, apart from the Driver Ledge card, it was possible to improve the operation of the "Home" button and install the Taptic Engine. They also increased the battery capacity and made the iPhone waterproof. All these changes led to the disappeared connector at 3.5 mm.

However, an adapter is included with each iPhone 7, which allows you to connect headphones with a 3.5-pin connector to the Lightning port.

Source: Buzzfeed