Veterans of the space industry plan to build a hotel on Earth's orbit

By: Igor Nikitin | 06.04.2018, 19:21
Veterans of the space industry plan to build a hotel on Earth's orbit

Space companies like Virgin Galactic or Blue Origin have long planned to conduct tourist flights to space. There are many who want to go on a low Earth orbit, but there's no luck, they have nowhere to place. The company, consisting of veterans of the space industry, Orion Span wants to solve this problem.

What is known

Rest in space can not be called cheap. To fly to a two-week vacation at the station Aurora Station, it will take $ 9.5 million. This price includes preparation for the flight, the flight itself, accommodation for 12 days and return to Earth. The hotel can accommodate up to four people, along with two crew members. To reserve a room, prepare to unfasten $ 80,000, which you can return in case of disruption of plans.

Orion Span plans to cooperate with Virgin Galactic, which will send tourists to the station. A ticket for such a trip will cost $ 250,000. The partnership was concluded only recently, and the companies are not yet ready for a full-fledged launch.

When to expect

The plan is ambitious, but there is one snag. According to Space News, the station Orion Span will be assembled at the facility in Houston, which itself is in the process of construction. The company's executive director Frank Bunger said that the construction will be completed within 6-9 months. The creation of the space hotel is scheduled to be completed before 2022.

Source: PRNewswire