Ilon Mask wants to overclock the Hyperloop in half of the speed of sound

By: Eugene Sherban | 09.04.2018, 12:35
Ilon Mask wants to overclock the Hyperloop in half of the speed of sound

Ilon Mask stated that in   the nearest   intends to conduct a new test time intends to test the tunnel for high-speed transport Hyperloop.

Why it's interesting

Because Mask wants to put a speed record and   disperse capsule before   500   km / h. A   it's half the speed of sound. AND   at   one and a half times more than the previous record of the capsule, which was equal to 355   km / h. After this acceleration, the capsule stopping distance will be almost 1.5   km.

" It's a little crazy for such a short distance (braking distance,   - Ed.), Therefore, in   Finally, the crushed metal can exit, but   at   in any case, look at   it will be exciting "   - wrote Mask on Twitter .

So can make a broadcast like   SpaceX by   this case, and   Ilon?

What is Hyperloop and   why is everything about   they say

Hyperloop   Is a system of vacuum trains, which is twice as fast as an airplane and   at   three to four times faster than high-speed trains. The speed of the capsule Hyperloop can reach 1220   km / h. Mask expects that a new mode of transport will be used between cities located on the   distance less than 1600   km from   friend. After the strategic partnership was signed with   Virgin, the company selected 10 potential routes for Hyperloop to   the whole world and   plans to begin shipping cargo from   2019, and   passengers   - with   2021st . Although, still in   In 2013, when Mask announced this idea, everyone laughed as usual   they said that it was impossible.