Smart sneakers Amazfit Antelope Running Shoes - Xaaomi crowdingfunding star

By: Bohdan Chub | 12.04.2018, 19:38
Smart sneakers Amazfit Antelope Running Shoes - Xaaomi crowdingfunding star

Xiaomi with partner Huami launched Amazfit Antelope Running Shoes with an updated running sensor on kraudfanding. Literally in half a day the amount of fees exceeded half a million US dollars.

What do we have here?

Amazfit Antelope Running Shoes received a relief sole for reliable adhesion to the surface. Special inserts from the ERC-material provide elastic cushioning. Top - breathable mesh textiles with water-repellent properties. Under the insole is a removable module Mijia Smart Core 2. Unlike the first version, he knows how to not only count the steps and the calories consumed. In the running mode, the contact time with the ground and other parameters will also be tracked (the manufacturer decided to attract professional athletes). All statistics are displayed in the mobile application. The company does not specify exactly what it is, but we put it on Mi Fit.

Inside there is a battery-tablet

Female models are available in black, mint and pink design, sizes - from 35 to 40. Men's sneakers are available in black, gray and orange colors in the range of sizes from 39 to 45.

Question price

In China, Amazfit Antelope Running Shoes can be ordered for about $ 32. The same number on the home market are branded shoes Xiaomi - Mijia Smart Shoes with a chip of the first generation (by the way, the slot for the new version is the same, so it is possible to "upgrade"). On AliExpress, Li-Ning models with pedometers sell for $ 47.

If anyone does not know, Huami also produces Xiaomi fitness trackers and will soon introduce the third-generation Mi Band 3 model.

Source: Xiaomi