HMD Global will re-release the first Android-smartphone Nokia X

By: Elena Shcherban | 15.04.2018, 14:13
HMD Global will re-release the first Android-smartphone Nokia X

It seems that HMD Global has decided to " reincarnate " another Nokia product, and   this will be the sequel to Nokia's first Android smartphone .

Biography of Nokia X

Nokia X   was not released   so long ago   - in   2014 year. This was Nokia's first attempt to move away from   Windows Phone and   submit a device running the Android operating system.

But   the first pancake still turned out to be a lump. The thing is   that the manufacturer tried to do something between Windows and   Android. Those   models do not even   supported the Play Store, offering instead its own application store.

A   what now

That experiment is not   was a success, and   now HMD Global, apparently , decided to rehabilitate the model. AT   network appeared posters of the device, on   which shows a rectangular smartphone with   metal housing, reminiscent of a bar with   small rounding (however, like   the design of his " parent " ). Other characteristics of the novelty remain a mystery.


When to expect

Unexpectedly, but   Nokia X presentation   will be held on April 27 in   China. Before   this no mention of   of this model in   Media is not   it was, therefore, strange how HMD Global managed to keep the secret.


Will be   whether it's a flagship or a state employee, and   will be able   the novelty compete with   competitors are not   only letters, but   and   opportunities   - we learn after the official release.

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