Meizu has opened a set of beta testers for Flyme 7

By: bogdan-chub | 16.04.2018, 10:43
Meizu has opened a set of beta testers for Flyme 7

This month, Meizu will finally mature for the official announcement of Flyme 7. The first new shell will receive "anniversary" smartphones of the Meizu 15 series, and in China the company already accepts applications for testing assemblies for the models already released.

What is known?

Meizu did not even hint at the new Flyme 7 features. Early leaks reported a new color scheme, revised standard applications (sometimes strongly resembling analogs in iOS), a quick menu call button mQuick and updated artificial intelligence OneMind 2.0, which optimizes system performance with habits the user. With the release of the shell rumors have already been mistaken , so we will not draw conclusions ahead of time.

Presentation of the Meizu 15 line, which included three models at once, will be held on April 22 . After that, the updating of other devices will begin, and we can only hope that the process will go more alive than in the case of the strongly delayed Flyme 6.

Source: Flyme