Sega releases Mega Drive Mini: 16-bit retro console for nostalgic gamers

By: Pavel Chuikin | 17.04.2018, 13:35
Sega releases Mega Drive Mini: 16-bit retro console for nostalgic gamers

Japanese company Sega has presented a mini version of its famous prefix Sega Mega Drive. The novelty is called Mega Drive Mini, and its output is associated with the 30th anniversary of the original console. Sega Mega Drive came out on October 29, 1988 in Japan and August 14, 1989 in the US called Sega Genesis.


Issue Mega Drive Mini entrusted to the Chinese company AtGames. At one time, this manufacturer produced clones of a 16-bit console under license, and now produces new versions of the Sega console. The list of games that will be released together with the novelty has not yet been announced, but company representatives said that these will be the most popular projects and classic series. Exact release date and price list of the console are still unknown.

Sega Mega Drive Mini.jpg

Sega and modern gaming

In addition to the release of the updated retro-prefix, Sega promised to pay more attention to mobile gaming and to license the most popular games for Android and iOS. Do not forget about the console Nintendo Switch. It will release at least 15 legendary games with Sega Mega Drive. On the PC, Xbox One and PS4 this year, too, there will be a number of reissues and remakes of Sega games.


Sega has clearly followed the example of Nintendo with its mini versions, so the obvious and main competitors of Mega Drive Mini are NES Classic Edition and Nintendo Classic Mini.

Source: Variety