Intel stops developing "smart" points Vaunt

By: Elena Shcherban | 19.04.2018, 18:45
Intel stops developing "smart" points Vaunt

Intel claims   closure of its New Devices Group, which   including the development of " smart " Vaunt glasses .

What is Vaunt

Intel showed the prototype Vaunt just a few months ago   - in   February. Perhaps their   main (but   not   singularity)   Is the appearance. On   first look is the most ordinary glasses , not   standing out with some details or dimensions.

The device uses a special projector that projects the image directly onto the   the user's retina. AT   the owner of the glasses sees a monochrome text and   various notifications with   phone, also in   plans were to " connect " the voice assistant.

Why not   happened

Before   the end of the year it was planned to start them   distribution for developers, but   now the fate of Vaunt is solved. " Project Superlight (code name for Vaunt)   - an excellent example of how Intel developed a truly differentiated glasses with   improved consumer effects. we   continue to invent and   learn new technologies, which sometimes require a hard choice, when the dynamics of the market are not   contributes to further investment "   - noted in   Intel.

Recall, the New Devices Group was created in   2013. In addition to Vaunt, it developed fitness trackers and   other wearable devices. Despite   hundreds of millions of dollars of investment, significant success of the New Devices Group and   not   achieved.

Now in   team of about 200 people, and   after the liquidation part of   they will be fired. How many people will be left without work   - in   Intel does not   specify.

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