The FSB decided to block Telegram due to Durov's crypto currency (but this is not certain)

By: Bohdan Chub | 20.04.2018, 18:11
The FSB decided to block Telegram due to Durov's crypto currency (but this is not certain)

While Roskomnadzor continues to block the IP addresses of the cloud telegrams Telegram, in the internal correspondence of the FSB officers there emerged the "real" reason for the ban of the messenger in Russia. Siloviki did not like the plans of Pavel Durov to launch the TON block-platform with its crypto currency. In support of this version, RBC quotes an extract from a letter signed by an employee of the 12th FSB center, Roman Antipkin:

Коллеги, да история вообще не про это, как вы не понимаете! История не про ключи и терроризм <...>. Паша Дуров решил стать новым Мавроди. Запустив свою крипту, мы в России получим полностью неконтролируемую финансовую систему. И это не биткоин для маргиналов, это будет просто, надежно и бесконтрольно. Это угроза безопасности страны <…>. Вся наркота, обнал, торговля органами пойдет через Пашину крипту, а он будет говорить: “Я ни при чем, запретите слова, их используют террористы”

Several sources confirmed the authenticity of the letter, but in a telephone conversation with the correspondent of the newspaper, Antipkin denied everything: "Everybody lies, girl, I do not give any comments and do not understand what you are talking about."

Later, the interlocutor of "" reported that the FSB officer sent a letter with his thoughts, and the media took his words too seriously. The official reason for blocking Telegram in the Russian Federation was Durov's refusal to transmit encryption keys.

What is the crypt?


Rumors about the blockbuster Telegram Open Network (TON) with the crypto currency Gram appeared at the end of last year. In fact, it will be a payment system capable of processing millions of transactions per second against very modest 7 from Bitcoin and several thousand from Visa or Mastercard. Coins will be able to pay for goods and services in the embedded messenger's marketplace.

Durov has already spent two closed rounds of ICO, summing up about $ 1.7 billion from investors. Information about the timing of the launch of TON is not yet available.