Magazine smart table Sobro can cool drinks, charge gadgets, include music and light

By: Pavel Chuikin | 23.04.2018, 13:23
Magazine smart table Sobro can cool drinks, charge gadgets, include music and light

On the popular platformfindingovoy platform Indiegogo is collecting money for the magazine smart table Sobro. He looks stylish, can charge gadgets, cool drinks, play music and do many other things.


Smart table Sobro inscribes almost any design. On the top panel is the touch panel for control. With it you can turn on music and TV, and also control other functions of the novelty. At the bottom are USB ports and sockets for connecting and charging a laptop, smartphone, tablet, e-book and other gadgets. There is also a special cutout through which it is convenient to pass the wires.


The Sobro coffee table has a Bluetooth 4.0 module and is able to connect to various devices, including smart TVs. Stylish furniture is equipped with a pair of speakers, night lights and two lockers. The first one is an ordinary box for storing things, magazines and other things. And the second locker is a refrigerator, where there are cold drinks, alcohol or anything that the user puts there. Sobro has a proprietary application. From it you can control the lighting, block boxes, connect to smartphones and run music.


When and how much should I wait

In 2017, the creators of Sobro already collected money for the Sobro coffee table. Then they planned to collect 50 thousand dollars, and the total amount of fees was 1.6 million US dollars. Now, the startup Store Bound made a coffee table and also successfully collects money for Indiegogo - on the table have already given 1.3 million dollars, despite the fact that the creators asked all the same 50 thousand.

"Smart" coffee table Sobro is available for pre-order at a price of 629 US dollars. After the official launch on the market in October 2018, the price will rise to $ 1,500.

Source: Androidauthority