"Holographic" smartphone RED Hydrogen One will receive 3D-cameras (but a little delayed)

By: Bohdan Chub | 02.05.2018, 20:33
"Holographic" smartphone RED Hydrogen One will receive 3D-cameras (but a little delayed)

The premiere of the smartphone RED Hydrogen One with a revolutionary "holographic" display was expected back in April, but the team decided to take extra time to make the gadget even better. In a sense, this transition immediately to the second generation.

What did they tell?

This is an early prototype, the final version can be very different

At the official forum RED, the founder of the company Jim Jennard said that Hydrogen One will receive more advanced 3D-cameras for shooting stereoscopic photos and videos in 4V-format (4-View). Initially, the team planned to release for this purpose a special module worth $ 750- $ 1000, and processing would take place on the server.

The updated version of Hydrogen One allows you to create 4V content directly on the device in real time, so that the function works even in video chat (it's not clear if it's a simple demo or a full service). The new format supports both the main and front cameras.

Delays are also due to the fact that the RED did not expect a long and complicated certification process for US operators. The company will cooperate with them, since this is the main channel for sales of smartphones in the US.


The release of RED Hydrogen One is tentatively scheduled for August. In addition, on May 19, RED will conduct in its Hollywood studio a public demonstration of the device itself and new content in 4V-format. Jim Jennard also hinted that in addition to versions of aluminum ($ 1195) and titanium ($ 1,495), a third modification may be on sale, of which nothing is known yet.

One of the RED H1 chips is a modular design, and the team has already confirmed plans to produce a camera module for shooting in cinematic quality.