"The military mind" fucked up: Bungie mending Destiny 2 because of the update of the third season

The third season added to Destiny 2 a lot of new, but not without problems.

"The military mind" fucked up: Bungie mending Destiny 2 because of the update of the third season

This week, May 8, Bungie released the second addition for Destiny 2 "The Military Mind", which marked the arrival of the third season. Revenge turned out to be large-scale and can return some players who have lost interest in the game. However, the developers did not protect themselves from the problems.

What is known

In the third season, exotic weapons and PVP mode got changes, but the game is hampered by a couple of problems. Some users get "Legendary Engrams" instead of "Powerful", when they fill the scale of the clan experience. Also notice the performance degradation on the consoles.

Full list of problems:

  • Clan XP Milestone Rewards: Players do not receive "Powerful Engrams" when Clan XP ends.
  • Matchmaking for the Fire Teams The crucible: the match search for the Fire Group has been temporarily disabled.
  • "Rat King": temporarily disabled access to these weapons.
  • Strike Pursuits: Blows may not be tracked correctly for some gaming purposes.
  • Performance on the console: performance degradation after the update 1.2.0.
  • Robes Sextus: incorrect display of the lower parts of the Garments of Sequence in the game.
  • Season 3 episodes: placed 3rd season posters can not appear in the emblem collection for players who do not own Military Intelligence.
  • Gunsmith Mods: prevents players from buying some of the legendary fashion from Gunsmith.
  • Avant-garde: Some players experience problems with the entrance.
  • Joining the Allies: players get stuck in the endless cycle of "Join the Allies" by playing "Patrols."

When they correct

Bungie knows about the existence of these problems and began to correct them. The patch for 1.2.0 will not appear until May 15. With the same update will fix the problems with the application-companion Destiny 2 for smartphones.

Source: Bungie