Valve opened the hunt for vulnerability and paid hackers $ 100 thousand.

By: Igor Nikitin | 12.05.2018, 00:42
Valve opened the hunt for vulnerability and paid hackers $ 100 thousand.

Companies often resort to the help of hackers. Not to annoy rivals, but for their own safety. The same Intel pays "burglars" for the search for vulnerabilities in the processors, and now Valve is also interested in this.

What is known

Valve asked hackers from HackerOne to look for vulnerabilities in their own services. Holes are searched in security systems by users, developers and partners. Truth, it's not clear why just now. The first bell rang two years ago, when the 16-year-old hacker posted the game on Steam without the knowledge of the company.

Question price

Valve will pay to hackers who will find vulnerabilities in sites and servers Steam, Valve games, Steamworks tools, SteamOS and mobile applications. The company will not encourage hacking methods using spam, social engineering, phishing and physical harm to Valve's property. In addition, hackers were told to follow the rules of the HackerOne platform.

The reward for the vulnerability varies from $ 200 to $ 2000, but it's a formality. If the hacker finds a huge "hole", then they will pay him accordingly. The campaign began on May 7th, and during this time, 39 hackers received a reward, and the total amount of payments reached $ 108,100. The biggest jackpot was broken by a hacker who received 3000 forever green.

Source: HackerOne