Rumors: Microsoft is working on creating a gaming 7 "tablet?

By: Евгений Бонд | 07.11.2012, 11:43
Rumors: Microsoft is working on creating a gaming 7 "tablet?

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Did not have time to release Redmondovtsy Surface tablet, as they have already started talking about the fact that they are probably working on a game tablet, known under the code name Xbox Surfac e.

Somehow one fine June day, the page has drained into the network (you can see it from below) with very impressive characteristics of the Xbox Surface itself. For example, there in the list was a hard drive of 250 GB and four USB 3.0, but this is clearly from the realm of fantasy. Nevertheless, our colleagues from The Verge are sure that the announcement of this tablet is still ahead, especially since it is being developed not in Redmond, but in the Silicon Valley, where software and first games are already written for him.

However, there are other assumptions, they say, this Xbox Surface will be an addition to the future Xbox 720 console (this is still a conventional name, for simplicity of perception), as in the case of the Wii U. Such rumors are doubtful, because it turns out plagiarism, although who knows. In any case, well this mysterious tablet will become a reality, because there are no good gaming portable gadgets other than PSP and PS Vita.